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I have used fitday since 2002 as a way to journal my weight loss and gains
There was not a forum so I am glad to see there is one now and I would like to do Friday weigh ins with you all.

Here is my story I was diagnoised with liver failure due to autoimmune disease related cirrohis in June. And will have to have a liver transplant in the future as liver that was destroyed is beyond repair,
Husband took me out to the ER and I was in a coma state for 5 days and within a week had 80 lbs of fluid build up within me. They drained the water off over the next month by doing several p-tap procedures. So now 3 1/2 months later I am 80 lbs (fluid build up) and 47 lbs lighter.

They have put me on a low-low sodium /low sugar/low fat/ veggie-dairy protein drink diet Hardest diet I have ever had to do but of course this is a lifestyle change and will have to be on it for life.

So now I must EAT to LIVE not LIVE to EAT.

I weigh 183.2 lbs as of this morning and want to get down to 140 lbs

Thanks for listening sorry for the ranting but would love to join in.

Good luck to everyone.
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