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Originally Posted by sashabound View Post
Well I said that I may not have been on it. I wasn't sure. The website that I went to that had example of the meals that you eat were examples of meals that you would eat on the paleo diet. So, I would think that if I were eating those meals then I would be on that diet. I can't seem to find the diet online to know exactly how it goes. This is probably the wrong place to post those questions anyway I should probably be asking a doctor. I don't think it's that simple it may work for some and not others.
Hi, I would suggest you do some more research and check out more websites. There are a lot of them out there and not all of them agree. A couple sites I like are Mark's Daily Apple and The Paleo Lifestyle. I like them because they are less restrictive in terms of dairy, and even potatoes and other root-type veggies.

I tried Atkins previously, so I know the feeling you are describing and feel the same way when I restrict carbs too severely. I can't function like that, but it hasn't been a problem while I've been eating paleo. I only started about 12 days ago, and have lost 6 pounds (though I expect that to level out at some point). I am including cheese and yogurt, some fruit, some honey, some whey protein for smoothies, and some store bought salad dressings that are not paleo, but that I don't want to waste. When the dressings run out, I will make my own paleo dressings, but I am still easing in to this.
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