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Originally Posted by rcburto View Post
Waht are some good ways to get fiber? I could use a little movement in that area of my body
I got some fish oil and choline inositol yesterday so will see if that helps. Thanks for the tips.

Excellent. I think you'll be happy with the results using those supplements. I take about 4-5 500 mg. of Choline-Inositol a day, and for the fish oil I take 5, 1K mg on days I'm not working out, 3 on days I'm working out. I take 2 less fish oil on workout days because I don't take any before my workout. When the workout is finished I actually want the insulin to work more effectively by using a Chromium supplement ("Chromium is the cell's receptor for insulin. The nutritional side of your recovery plan needs to include the right amount of chromium so that the insulin can open the muscle cells and allow the BCCAs and carbs to do their work"), which then feeds the muscles better with carbs and protein for recovery (within 2 hours of the workout).

For fiber, bananas and carrots are a good choice. I eat about 2-3 bananas a day and along with the bananas, that does a good job. For extra fiber on days I'm watching calories I may eat a fiber bar (which can be found at Wally world and are equivalent to "Fiber One" bars.

An amazing source of fiber are Ole brand High Fiber Low Carb Tortilla Wraps, also from Wally world. One wrap has an amazing 12 g. of fiber, so add some veggies in that for a lunch and you're good to go!

I also eat air popped popcorn almost every night as my only snack of the day. It adds added fiber and is low calorie and really satisfies the snack urge later in the day.

I'll probably make a thread soon with my recommendations for good fiber sources.

Let me know how you make out with the supplements. And give green tea (your own brewed ice tea) a shot. That's also a "supplement" in it's own right. Many people, including myself, attest to the fact that it helps suppress hunger. Plus it's just really good for you in many ways!

Here's what Armstrong's site says about Choline-Inositol:

When consumed in combination with other B complex vitamins, inositol helps your liver break down fats in the body, which is how it got its reputation for aiding weight loss. When taken in combination with choline, inositol forms lecithin and lecithin is known to fight fat. It is also a lipotropic agent, so inositol also might redistribute existing body fat during weight loss. When taken before bedtime, theoretically it might help your body burn fat while you sleep.
I'm sure it's worked for me because when I've stopped taking it I've noticed my weight loss is slower.

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