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Default Roasting your own soybeans

Soybeans are a leguminous plant native to Asia. I've tried store brands, both regular and organic, and I've found the flavor to be quite dull. When I started roasting my own, an entire world opened up to me. Homemade roasted soybeans are delicious! And when done right, they actually have a smell reminiscent of roasted coffee. Yum.

Recently I've also become aware of pesticide laden and GMO soybeans. Prior to finding organically grown soybeans, this was all I could find at local food chains. Luckily I have a Whole Foods nearby and found organic, raw soybeans for CHEAP ($1.69/lb).

It's pretty easy to roast your own. When you're done, you'll have a no sodium, high protein, high fiber, healthy addition to add to your yogurt and other foods. Oh, and did I mention how delicious they are?

They are prefect for adding to yogurt for my daily morning breakfast. They give it a crunchiness that takes the yogurt to another level of enjoyment.

Here's the blog that first helped me with roasting:

Fanatic Cook: Freshly Roasted Soybeans

The only problem is, I've discovered that the method described on this blog doesn't work. See the next post below for the best method to roast your own organic soybeans.


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