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Talking whoo hoo!

yay! I'm so happy about this thread. lol I totally need to lose a lot more weight but 20 lbs in 3 months is totally reasonable. I don't wanna say "I fell off the wagon" because I didn't gain any weight, but during my summer I didn't get to work out and somehow stayed the same weight (thank you, baby Jesus!). So now This is week 2 of working out again. I used to weigh an ugly 226 lbs in January and now weigh 193 lbs. whoo hoo! I used to be 139 back in high school and I know I can get back to that weight. I HAVE to! lol I workout daily with a friend who has also lost the same amount of weight as me so the motivation and commitment is there. I'm so excited to see more results! I've been taking pics of myself every now and then and I am so shocked at the results, I suggest you do the same, you'll look back at them and be like and it'll motivate you some more.

~Jan. 7, 2011=226 lbs
~Current=193 (33 pounds lost!)
~mini goal= 189 by the end of November
~ultimate goal=135 lbs
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