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Default Difficulty with the Paleo diet

I was on the Paleo diet... Well, I may not have been on it exactly. I saw a website and it said to eat less than 40 carbs a day for women and gave an example for meals for a whole day so I basically went from that example every day and entered the food on this site. After a few days I started feeling strange and lightheaded but I kept it up figuring that it was just from the drastic change in food but after a week I still felt this way and finally gave in and ate two big cookies. I eventually started feeling much better after eating carbs again. I ended up losing 8.4 lbs that week which is the most I've ever lost in a week. The diet wasn't hard to follow and I wasn't that hungry but I just couldn't stand the strange feeling it was giving me any longer. Am I the only one that experiences this feeling? I see that people are sayint they ate nuts, berries and fruit which I did not. I ate strictly meat, vegetables and low carb protein shakes. Could this be why I was lightheaded. I would like to continue the diet and lose more but I can't handle feeling like I"m floating and weak.
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