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I guess I might as well stick my neck out as well. I agree with the first poster completely. As you know I have been complaining about the same type problems. The food search is terrible.
Since the poster first cited the problem(Feb of this year) and I have come on in Oct. nothing seems to have changed.
Even as a moderator you have no call to demean someone like the poster who is being honest about a real problem. So few people express their dislike of processes and procedures simply because of an attitude such as yours.
BTW: We are NOT complaining about the RULES. We have a legitimate concern about having to spend too much time just posting our daily foods consumption. Putting the serving size in the title of our custom food(suggested by the previous moderator) does not work, as the values posted will be what you have set for that specific food. How much of this problem is getting through to the "owners" of this privately run site?
Here is my COMPLAINT, again. I have yet to have an understandable explanation of why this is happening.

I'm new to the Fitday site and I'm having a problem with the custom foods. I follow the customize method and on the day I enter the food everything is okay. However, when I got to use that same food the next day it is all screwed up. Especially the milk I enter - none of the values I put in are there no matter how many times I customize it.
Since I use basically the same amount of certain things on a regular basis, I customize them with the amount I use but, when I go back the values have all changed to, for ex, 1 cup of the item.
I also have a problem with food searches as there don't appear to have any brands listed at all. There are national and local brands many people use and it would improve things for everyone if some of them were included. There really isn't any standard milk, or eggs or canned foods. But that seems to be the thought in the listing of foods in the food search. Also, the list is NOT up to date as it does not include any LC foods or even some of the newer types of foods now available... such as frozen fruits.
There is more but I think this should be enough to "chew" on for now.
Life is the present, enjoy!
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