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Default slow, but steady

All in all, it's been a pretty good week...

Dec. 28
128.8 pounds
chest: 34.5"; waist: 29.5"; hips: 33.5"; thigh: 20.5"

Mar. 15
122.3 pounds
chest: 34", waist: 27"; hips: 33"; thigh: 19.75"

Flossing 5/7 nights.

Side Note: This might sound kind of hokie, but I've been telling the parts of my body that I've been critical of that I love them (thanks, Stacey!) and appreciate them. Yup, wide feet, love you (without you I'd have a hard time walking), skin that still breaks out occasionally, love you (you help regulate my temperature and with your thousands of nerves, warn me of possible danger), small breasts, love you (did a great job nurturing my babies when they were newborns). Still working on those finger nails!
Starting Date: 3/15/15

Current Weight: 5# heavier since I stopped using fitday!
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