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Default Female point of view

So first off I am a female and have the same situation usually with my husband, only difference is he does need to do the same for his health thinking that is why he got frustrated with me....anyway back to you...Sounds to be that this is not the only thing she wants to talk to you about, getting obsessed is one thing but talking about it all the time might get old and if you have tried several times and go off the wagon it may be more of "here we go again"??? Not sure of course, maybe cut back on the obsession in talking about it all the time and stay strong and on this maybe she will come around when she sees results and that you are commited this time around. Just don't do what I have done in the past and get so bummed that I just give up. Now, I don't talk about it all the time I just do it...hope this helped, keep your chin up and stay committed.
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