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Default Healthy losing weight for everyone

Hallo everyone,
My name is Melissa. Browsing this forum arround I wanted to offer simple advice for everyone who has problems with weight and wants to lose it on safe,healthy way. I got that tip from my fitness instructor and it is working.
You now that internet is full of products that are promising 5kg in a week and stuff like that. Even that is true it surtenly isn't healthy and in most cases can be very harmfull. You can use some help, from nature ofcourse, but later about that. My advice is so simple and if you just try, it will become your lifestyle. You will be more healthier and satissfied with your self. Main thing is no skiping meals, just a little will and selfcontrol(not overeat). Here it is:
1.Breakfast - Have it soon as you get up.(it shoud be not after 8, supposing you are working)
2.Lunch - 4-5 hours after breakfast (it should be healthy, both proteins and carbon hidrates-NOT FAST FOOD)
3.You should eat some fruits(because of vitamins and minerals your body needs) It is like a sneck between lunch and diner.
4.Diner- not after 18 o'clock.(it should be mostly proteins if not just proteines(fish is great, or find some other source of proteins)
5. Do not eat enything until morning.
Drink more water than usual.
It is that simple in basic. Just be persistant and do not expact overnight weight loss. Many of my students who I told were satisfied. You will just feel healthier.
You can make things go little faster, and this is just my suggestion. You can drink Slimtea 2-3 times a day. It is herbal tea from small company called Teateateas. It is not expansive like other that are promising overnight weight loss. They are not promising they are offering help and that is fair. I am using it even I don't want loose weight, it is just helthy and helps me take out bad things from my body. I will write about their other teas in other post, becouse I think they are great. Teas are gift from nature, you must discover it.
That is from me.
I realy hope this is going to be usefull for someone.
Wish you all succsess and persistance!
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