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Hi, I was on FitDay 2 yers ago and then lost interest but now I'm back. I am 5' 2" and weigh 138. According to the BMI index, I am overweight. Some charts list my ideal weight at 115 lbs.! I am going to try for 130 lbs and then see if I feel like continuing.

I am a senior citizen and live in a retirement community where I exercise 3 times a week in a class directed by a fitness trainer. This is working with weights and bands and is for strengthening the whole body. For aerobic conditioning, I do Zumba Gold twice a week at the local Rec Center. It is really fun and I feel great afterwards.

According to the chart here, I only need about 1200 calories a day to maintain my weight when I reach my goal. That's not very many calories!

My weakness is salty snacks! I have to forego Cheez-its, cheese popcorn, triskets, etc. I'm supposed to lose my desire for them after a while, but so far, I'm still craving them at night.
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