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Well, I don't suppose I neccessarily count as a woman. I guess you could still call me a girl. I am 18 though, so I guess legally I am an adult. Anyways, today is my first day here. About 30 minutes ago I had an epitome. I need to focus on myself, rather than guys. (Yes, my silly teenager mind is on guys. A lot.) And I've decided that I'm going to lose the rest of the weight I need to lose.

When I started my long, strange, and rather confusing weight loss journey, I was at about 220 lbs. I was 15 I think, and I went to the endocrinologist. I found out I have hypothyroidism, which means that my thyroid isn't producing enough hormones. I began taking pills. Well, somehow I magically lost 20 lbs (It must have been the pills, because I didn't change any of my terrible habits), bringing me down to 200 lbs. Inspiration struck and I was determined to lose weight. The summer of my junior year, (I think. The details are fuzzy.)

I lost 30 lbs in 2 months. Literally. I was hardcore. I had my high protein 100 calorie brownie from medifast, then had whole wheat pasta for lunch and grilled chicken for dinner. I was rocking it. Then school came around and ruined that streak. I have been in the 170-180 range for a while now, the least I weighed was 163, which was just weird. So yeah, I've decided that I'm sick and tired of being like this. I just want to be healthy and happy, and more confident. I want to be ready to go to college and get out of here!

Hope I'm not the only young'un here. If anyone has any inspiration stories or advice for me, I'd love it.

I do have a few questions though.

1. What should my calorie intake be? I intend to lose weight fast and healthily!
2. How much exercise would you recommend for my age? I was thinking of doing weight training every other day and cardio the other days.
3. Anyone have any motivation? I am an incredibly lazy's hard for me to get up off my butt and go exercise!
4. Also, when I do exercise, how many calories should I try to burn?

Thanks so much! Glad to be here and ready to start my journey tomorrow!
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