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I still live at home in a 6 person family and dinner can be SO frustrating. I am trying to eat 5 small meals a day in 3 hour intervals and my whole day will be going well until dinner time comes when either my mum has no idea what we're having at 7pm, or she gets on the phone for an hour, or at the last minute she realises she doesn't have all these ingredients. Last night I got home from work just after 6 and we were having beef stroganoff (a low cal version), we stopped and got tomato paste on the way home, and my mum said she had "sorted the rest out" so we went to make it and realised there were no onions, no sour cream, hardly any garlic, and no parsley. So my dad had to go out and get the other ingredients and i ended up eating an hour after i had planned. It's just so frustrating!!! I don't get much support at home except for my dad

It's not too bad with most of my friends, except for one who is overweight and hates exercise and loves eating out.
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