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Default The Smoke Room (cigars/pipes/spirits)

Yeah, yeah, I know this is a health forum. But we don't inhale our cigars and pipes now do we?

This thread is for cigar and pipe smokers.

I do both, but only about 6 cigars a year while I smoke my pipes usually once a day but not always.

What do you like? For cigars I prefer Mayorga. Great bang for the buck.

For pipes my favorites are Virginia-Perique (St. James Parish), McClelland VA's, Tinderbox "Special Blend", Mac Baren Dark Twist, and Orlik Golden Sliced.

Sometimes while eating all these fruits and veggies a man needs a good smoke for some robust flavor.

Any other recreational smokers out there? And if you want to talk up single malt whiskey, be my guest!

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