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Originally Posted by Freedom116 View Post
I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now and would love to be his thin bride and a healthy mother someday soon so this weight has got to go! My ultimate goal is 50 pounds by June or July.
Ive been with my guy for 3yrs and also want to be the best version of myself for those things (wedding- healthy momma)..Im 24 and about 40lbs overweight. I consider myself lucky because I am evenly proportioned and have been told I 'carry it well' but it doesnt matter when you feel crappy about yourself. My boyfriend has seen my weight fluctuate between about 15 lbs in both directions and he has loved me whatever weight I am but I want to be healthy for me and june or july is also my goal...and ps my boyfriend is into Mixed Martial Arts (cage fighting) so he has a great bod and is very healthy...I wanna look like a ring girl this summer! Well, maybe not exactly like one, but feeling confident in a bikini at least
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