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Originally Posted by SwampCatNana View Post
I entered a reply to this yesterday and noted that I thought the < sign was not acceptable. Now the post is gone.
I'm also having a problem with the custom foods I enter not staying at the values I put in. When I save the CF and post it to my log, it comes out right .
When I look at my list of CFs the values are all empty or screwed up!
I cannot spend time every day putting the values of everything I eat. I'd like to call up my list of CFs and choose from them.
What am I doing wrong? I followed the directions given for customizing a food rather than making a customized food.

HELP! I'm so tired from entering just today's foods. None of what I eat is listed "as is" in the food choices. Is there a list of foods by brand somewhere here?
Your post is not gone, it's still here. How to create a custom food for weight or measure

if you are havening a hard time remembering where you posted something, just click on your user name and choose "Find More Posts by SwampCatNana" or you can use the search feature located above.

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