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Thanks everyone for your opinions and help. just in a little panic over the carbs. Again so far so good. I also think I turn to carbs to keep me full for long periods of time. On my job its hard to say when Im going to be able to take a break. The problem Ive been been fighting with now is feeling very hungry. After a little research I found out that because of the exercise (walking,jogging,weights ) and diet combo I have created a calorie deficit. So my body is craving the lost calories. Is this true? About a week ago my hunger was out of control. Last night after I got off from work (11:30pm this week) I could have eaten a small cow. since I didnt have a small cow on hand I downed 2 clementines, a sugar cookie, and an apple. Strange but true. The sugar cookie kept calling my name.

How am I going to control my hunger?
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