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Marco! I am so glad I found you.

I have read some of Ehret's works and have a general knowledge of the diet. My boyfriend is the real Ehretist, however. His whole family has a great knowledge of his theories. Most of them try to stick to at least a transition diet and practice rational fasting regularly. I can tell you honestly, these are the best looking, strongest, smartest people I have ever met. When they are at their best, truly following their diets, they are superior beings. They do not sweat; they do not need sleep; they speak of a mental clarity that I have only before read in Ehret's teachings.

I, myself, had been a vegetarian for several years before meeting my boyfriend. When we moved in together I started eating a transitional/fruitatarian diet. A year ago I started expecting my first child and completely strayed from the diet; adopting more of Cookie Monster's philosophies than I should have. My son, little LA, was born very healthy in July, but I never completely healed from the birth. I had been to several doctors trying to figure out why my recovery time was so extensive. My BF kept reminding me I could heal myself if I focused on my nutrition. I kept eating unnaturally and continued to get worse.

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Since I came home from the doctor I have been back on a transition diet. I have done a few water fasts only lasting about 20 hours each. I am hesitant to fast for longer because I am still breast feeding little LA and fear I will not produce enough milk for him. My transition diet differs from what Ehret suggests in that I eat about 80% raw fruits and veggies and one cooked meal of veggies per day. My plan is to continue my transitional diet and move to a mucusless diet by the end of this year. In January BF and his family will help me to begin following a Grape Cure diet. I want to heal myself with proper nutrition rather than fighting with chemicals and absolutely believe it can be done.

Am I remembering correctly from your previous posts that you have been on the diet a year or more? I would love to hear about your experience and success. Also, you said in an earlier post "During this period, I was very careful to respect the food combinations to avoid fermentation and acidification of the body." This is one of my greatest fears of this diet. I have done extensive research and the only flaws I am finding are with people sometimes loosing teeth due to the high acid content of fruit leeching the body of necessary minerals.

This page talks about one man's experience with different variations on Ehret's diet. He talks about this problem and his solution is eating mostly melons with low acid content. I also though of adding more calcium rich fruit and veggies to my diet such as kale, apricots and figs. I am wondering how you avoid over acidifying with this diet.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences. Thank you!

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