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Hey Mike! My browser must be messed up cuz I couldn't access your youtube film, but anyways....have you contacted your dr. and discussed your ADD symptoms with him/her? Maybe there's another medication that won't spike your heart rate? I would probably schedule an appt. if you haven't been seen in a while to rule out anything else that could be going on.

This is a temporary speed bump in your quest for a fit healthy body. You've made fantastic progress and even if you have to slow your workouts for a bit, you are still progressing. When I've been injured, I've gotten discouraged too. Then I realized that lots of people work out injured...they just avoid the moves that can exacerbate the injury (or heart rate) and focus on the things they can improve safely while the injury or disorder heals. I realize that doesn't help the ADD symptoms so seeing your doctor could really help.

There's a saying that abs are made in the kitchen. If you have to cut back on the intensity of your cardio, you will probably need to adjust your energy intake a little if you want the 6-pack to show.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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