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Originally Posted by vabeachgirlNYC View Post
I'm probably one of the few who gets excited when I find a high sodium food. I have been trying to increase my daily intake. My doctor told me to eat as many pickles as I wanted lol.

I mainly eat fresh/frozen whole foods. I drink 150-200oz of water daily plus G2 on my running days and 2+ cups of coffee a day.

I guess the way I eat would work for someone who has to lower their sodium intake.

I'm actually with you on this one. I eat very little fast food and not much canned, boxed, or otherwise prepared foods. I often take those little salt packets you get in fast food joints on my runs. Low sodium is a big problem for me with cramping. Believe me, like most people I assumed the problem was potassium, but I have done enought experimentation with potassium vs. sodium to know that it is low sodium that causes me so much pain (literally!).
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