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Huggie: Sorry you're hitting a rough patch right now with your health but glad you're starting to take charge of your health. If your MD has cleared you for exercise, there are lots of options: DVDs (start with beginners and work your way up), some community rec centers have good rates on classes if you're the social type, walking (which you already said you don't like but it is free), save up for a treadmill, stationery bike, or elliptical or look into something affordable on Craigslist. If you can find a friend that is looking for a workout partner, that can help you both stay accountable. Cardio combined with good nutrition can help lower bp significantly, so I hope you keep trying new things 'till you find a good fit. Good luck!
I like walking just not that "speed walking" in other words, just regular walking. But I am going to try some of those tips you all gave out...TY!

I am going to try that dancing bit, but w/the curtains closed b/c no one wants to see this one dancing! lol! Oh, to dance like that Beyonce and no risk of hurting myself in the process and lose weight!

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