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Default I need some help!!!!

Well here's the deal... (here comes a long story). I've been very proud of my weight loss and have made it a passion to help motivate and inspire others, but now I'm in need of some motivation!

I started (and finished) P90X and joined a group of guys on YouTube and we started making videos to hold each other accountable and to motivate others to get in shape. I went from being obese (according to BMI) to having a faint 6 pack. Well I got a HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) for Christmas and after doing some heavy cardio I went to return it b/c there was no way it was accurate. My heart rate would get to 185bpm, and I'd keep pushing. I'd peg it at 200bpm!!! I did some research and realized that I could be doing some serious damage to my heart and not know it. So I started taking more breaks and not pushing so hard.

I then discovered that my Adderall that I take can elevate your HR as a side effect. Well I called my doctor and he told me to get off of it. Since then (about 4 weeks) I can't stay focused (b/c I have ADD), my work has suffered and I've had uncontrollable craving. I could eat down a house if I'm not careful. I've noticed that being off of it hasn't helped my HR much, so I'm still cutting back on my cardio and I'm losing motivation.

Between cutting back on my cardio and eating more my "washboard" has washed away, and now I'm disgusted with myself! I need a swift kick in the ass I guess, so I scheduled a weekend trip to Florida in May and another 1/2 marathon (in September in Virgina Beach, Va.)

I hate asking for words of discouragement, especially since I've been to motivator for a while, but I do need some help!

This is my last side-by-side video (which was about a month ago), I'm not too far from where I was last month but I can see myself slipping away. YouTube - P90X YTF&F round 2 day 56 transformation update

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