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Default Is My Diet Carb Heavy?

whats up everyone.
I was wondering if my diet was to carb heavy. Im going to give you a sample of my eating habits:

Kashi Golden Flakes Cereal: 1.1/4th Cup

Protein Shake ( make my own shake ) The shake consists of 1 cup oats, 3 Cups of Lactaid Milk, one banana, 4 tablespoons of Naturade Vegitable Protein or Gary Null's Diet Shake, a little vanilla extract, and some honey.

Subway Turkey Sandwich (today). Usually I cook food and bring it to work with me. that will usually be some baked chicken with rice (less than half cup) and some veggies.

This is usually how things go. My hours at work can change from week to week. The shake generally holds me for a few hours without being hungry.

So far its been working but Im looking to clean it up a bit.
I look forward to your opinions and help.
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