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Question Which 'evil' ingredient would you choose, if you had to choose one?

So my last area of concern for eating a clean, healthy diet is reducing sodium levels and increasing potassium levels. This is the hardest thing to do, harder than just shedding pounds in my opinion. Most days I average about 2600-2800 mg. of Na and while it's better than average, it's still way over the RDA.

Homemade turkey burgers are a staple in my diet. They've become a favorite, nestled between two slices of multigrain bread, cooked on the grill, and topped with a slice of tomato.

The problem is the ketchup. 1 tablespoon contains 190 mg. of sodium, 8% the RDA. This doesn't sound like that much, but when you eat a lot of ketchup it all adds up. Currently the brand I use doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup.

Now I've found Heinz "No Salt" at the market. Zero mg. of sodium, but better yet, 190 mg. of K. It looked like a winner, and the price wasn't prohibitive. Then I saw that it has high fructose corn syrup as one of the ingredients.

Needless to say, HFCS is not good:

"Soda also provides large amounts of sugars. This sugar comes in the form of high fructose corn syrup and other additives. Your body has a hard time burning this sugar off, especially in the mid-section. High fructose corn syrup is known to make you obese. This obesity is more apparent in your abdomen. You may think that diet sodas are better, but they also contain artificial sweeteners that contribute to bad health. It's best to drink pure water to lose your belly fat."

How High-Fructose Corn Syrup Causes Weight Gain / Nutrition / Healthy Eating


So my poll question is, given a choice between trying to control your sodium (while at the same time increasing your potassium)


avoiding HFCS in any given product, what would YOU choose to do and why? This question is for ANY product (I just used Heinz as the example) that YOU would be considering ...

I wound up purchasing the Heinz even though I avoid products with HFCS.

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