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Originally Posted by mhibdon View Post
Thanks!! I think that this could be a great thing to replace all these fancy sugar-filled "sports" drinks!

In my opinion, if you're working out for a few hours or more, then the sports drinks can be beneficial to have along with you. I used to use Gatoraid all the time when only biking for an hour or two. But it adds weight, because like you said, the sugars. Plus the sodium to potassium ratio is way off, not in the correct balance. Now I just drink water, and I sweat so much I can wring my shirts out when done. Yet I never cramp, never feel like my electrolytes are depleted.

It's all about your diet, and your pre-workout exercise meal as well as your post exercise meal. You should be getting plenty of Na daily, no problem, the trick is to be getting enough K. Your coconut water will help you with that.

But also be sure to monitor your magnesium! It's one of the micronutrients toughest to get in the diet and it's essential to good endurance. Look at your sports drinks and see how many of them contain magnesium. I know some do at least.

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