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I think the desire to binge is completely natural, especially when you're dieting, your body is being starved and it knows. Do you ever feel like your body has taken control of your brain when you slip up? What is that all about, is there a chemical that clouds the brain or something? I've often wondered about that.

When I first got started with my dieting I couldn't allow myself even a bite of anything that was not part of the plan. I know myself well enough to be absolutely certain of complete derailment. But the longer I've been doing this the better I feel about being able to get all the weight off this time. But you are so right, sometimes the urge to binge is beyond irresistible. Since I need to be hard-core for at least a year to reach my weight goal, I've learned that sometimes a single bite of something is enough to settle my urge to eat, but not enough to derail all my efforts. This morning my youngest daughter wanted to eat cashews, which I adore. I will sit and eat cashews until I'm sick from them - seriously, and I could feel myself slipping down that very slippery slope. So before anything bad happened, I poured her a little bowl, put the lid back on and read the label on the can. Okay that particular can said that 50 pieces had 160 calories, so I counted out 10 pieces into my hand, snapped on the lid and slid the can all the way to the back of the cupboard, closed the door and tossed the entire handful down the hatch all at once. It was lovely really. And just that very controlled 32 calorie heavenly mouthful settled my nearly out-of-control desire to binge. And then that little monster got out the almonds...
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