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"You blink, and next thing you know, you've eaten too much and gained back what you worked so hard to lose."

I totally know that feeling. I think for me at least is not to allow it to be a slip back to old behaviors. Weight loss is about change and changing what is comfortable, what we are used to. I have been eating for comfort as far back as I can recall and I can not expect it to no longer be a part of my life. I had three (count them) three days last week where I made poor food choices for the sake of self soothing. When I saw that I had a gain in weight, it was the most difficult thing NOT to make myself feel bad for the choices. Instead I was nice to myself. Isn't that why we are trying to lose weight, so that we can be good to ourselves? I had a small weight loss this morning and am trying to make good choices today.
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