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Hey Dave, maybe the better time to have a few would be later in the day, maybe even at night. Supposedly when you drink alcohol the fat burning stops because your body must digest the alcohol first, before it does anything else. And I've also heard it can slow metabolism. I'm thinking if you've been burning calories all day long, having a few beers at night once in a while would be the better time, rather than interrupting your fat burning earlier in the day. Anyway, that's what I try to do.

I've also switched to "64" while trying to drop weight. Granted it's not a full bodied beer but I've tricked myself into believing I'm drinking a Corona because I use some lime with it. It satisfies my beer urge yet it doesn't beat me up with calories or big amounts of alcohol. You can drink 2 and still come out less than most regular imports. Just a thought.

You can bet when I hit my goal and start maintaining that I'm going to have a Beck's once in a while. Or Sam Adams. Or...


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