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Originally Posted by waverunner66 View Post
We eat out at least once a week but I find it hard to keep track of my calorie intake when I do. Is there a place on this website that give calorie count for menu items from popular restaurants? Breaking it up into individual items and guessing calorie count would be next to impossible. I tried to look up the restaurant to see if they had it broken down into calorie count per menu item, they didn't. I thought maybe I could customize it into "my own recipe" and have the calculator add it, but we don't always go to the same place. Please help. Thanks.
Waverunner66 what i normally do is go to the resteraunt website under nutrition and I add a new cutom food to my list... that tends to work. The only time it is hard.. is if the food has cheese and mayo and you opt out of those 2 ingrediants then it is not as accurate as you would like but it is just an idea at least
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