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Originally Posted by sjd01 View Post
Hello. My husband and I just started a diet that is supervised by a doctor (endocrinologist) at the Barnes/Center for Advanced Medicine in St. louis. (I lost 11.6 pounds in the first week.) The average weight loss of this medically supervised diet is suppose to be 4 to 6 pounds.

Our diet consists of

80 g of protein a day (you should have .8 - 1 gram per kg of your ideal body weight per day.) The protein is important so that you do not lose muscle!

35 g of carbs

0 g of fat

Extra vitamins and a prescription for potassium. Don't forget the potassium! Your muscles will waste if you don't get enough potassium. You need like 4000 units of potassium per day and you cannot get it all with a one a day vitamin. If you are going to cut your calories low go to your doctor and ask for a script
So your eating 460 calories a day? sorry to say but what ever "Doctor" your seeing should have his/her license pulled. This is advise is wrong on so many levels.
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