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Yes, love love love the garden. I have to start my seedlings this week. I bought all the seeds, but I have yet to haul all that junk from the basement. I had to buy a new lamp too, because honey hardwired the old one into the pantry ceiling on me. Oh well, it only cost $10 for a new one.

When I started 5-10-15-20 I really didn't have a ton of bad habits, just a few. But those few actually were packing a lot of weight on me. The one thing I have discovered about my lifestyle is that the difference between my old way of life and a 10K step life is um, a 20-30 minute run. Well I probably could have guessed that one without spending $20 on a pedometer.

When we were a gluten free house we used to eat mostly fresh fruits and veggies and farm fresh meats. We actually still do a lot of that, but now we can keep wheat products in the house. We also used baked potatoes a lot and would dress them up much like people do with noodles. Chicken alla King is pretty good served on a baked potato, so are beef tips with mushrooms. Now my daughter was allergic specifically to wheat, so she could have rice and rice flour, but we tried lots of different flours including tapioca, buckwheat, quinoa, pea and garbanzo bean. I personally had difficulty with the legume flours, they all are very rich and take some getting used to. But what we eventually ended up doing was using a flour mix called "Featherlite" which we found in a Gluten-Free Gourmet" cookbook called "Bakes Bread". There is plenty more to say on the topic, but I gotta go pick up kiddos from school.
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