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Default Quorn is the future!!!


I have no doubt I'm not the first person to jump on the Quorn wagon whilst losing weight but I have to preach!

Walked to the supermarket today to get some food for the weekend when I stumbled across a small selection of Quorn products. Having seen some adverts on TV about Quorn without paying too much attention, I thought I'd check it out.

WOW. Quorn cottage pie (300g) 200 calories! Imense! And the rest of the nutrition is low too.

OH LORD. Quorn Peppered Steaks (100g) 100 calories a pop! They look huge and the protein content is nice and high per 100g.

HEAVEN. Quorn Lamb Steaks (100g) under 100 calories a pop! Again decent sized and looked beautiful.

Also I bought sausage and mash, not sure of grams but 330 calories and looks decent portion. Spaghetti with meatballs 300 calories looks nice too.

The best thing is I can now still stuff my face with food, especially meat and still be under my calorie allowance!! I could actually eat one of each today for just over 1000 calories!!

Went for the cottage pie for lunch after egg and spahetti hoops for breakfast. Plan to have at least one steak for afternoon snack then treating myself to chicken and chips tonight from a Harvester which hits in at 690 calories. Even with two steaks as snacks this afternoon I'd only consume 1400 calories for an absolute feast!

I actually love dieting! So exciting!!

Oh and p.s. - As I walked mile and half to and from the supermarket (3 in total) I could potentially eat a couple more steaks haha!!

Phew need to take a breath now!
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