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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I wish I had a suggestion that was inexpensive. The company that I'm looking at makes stuff for Hollywood and there masks are around $500. If I hit the lottery I may get this one Mortis the Zombie Composite Effects | Custom Theatrical Props, Special Makeup Effects, Silicone Masks, Foam Latex Appliances, Mold Making & Casting, Animatronics, Model Sculpting.

Are you looking for scary, sexy or original?
Yep, I can totally envision you in that one!

Hmm..not too sexy, it's a family oriented thing; scary's not my speed, and original, well, I have Mr. Not Out of the Box to contend with. He agreed we might could try to do Danny and Sandy from Grease, but we'll feel so old if no one gets it!

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