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That sounds like a very good program Almeeker. Tough on one level (getting rid of bad habits), but its a very doable lifestyle. I'm copying that over to my journal to give it a try once I'm a little more stable in the process (trying to make the changes less radical).
I laughed when you said you only ate meat 1X a week & that I'd asked if you were doing Atkins. Yeah, totally on opposite sides of the eating spectrum for sure! LOL Since all plants are composed of carbohydrates by nature it must be very hard to find enough things to eat and keep it below 50%.
Grain-free for 4 yrs! I'm really impressed! I'm really, really struggling with getting rid of grains. Every time I re-introduced whole grains (brown rice, rye, barley, oats, wheat) for phase 2 of South Beach I gained weight so it looks like being grain-free is a healthier life choice for me as well. The docs who wrote Protien Power & the docs that wrote Eat Right For Your Type (blood type) say that some ppl can't eat grains and I have to accept the fact that I'm one of them. But I can't find substitutes. What do you & your family use in place of bread and grains in recipes? Any thing you could share about being grain-free would be so appreciated!

You garden! Awesome, me too. There's nothing like just picked food for flavor & nutrition!
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