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Question Peanut Butter: Kill Your Low-fat Diet?

I've heard alot of conflicting information on this subject, and I need some opinions... will the high fat in peanut butter hurt your diet? Or help you?

While I know that most of the fats in peanut butter are good fats, they're still fats. What I'm trying to figure out is if consuming a tablespoon or two when I'm craving will overly hurt my diet. I've found that eating a tablespoon in between lunch and dinner usually keeps me going, so when I'm hungry or craving something salty, I reach for the peanut butter. But I'm afraid this might be hurting my chances of losing the last 5 pounds I want to.

So has anyone else been anywhere near my situation? Or do you use this method also, and it's working well for you? Or making it worse, and need guidance as well?
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