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Originally Posted by thomas.j.epting View Post
I did two rounds of HCG a year ago and lost 105lbs. I was severly obese and I really think that if I didn't do this, I either was going to have to have a surgical procedure or probably die. I was 25 and 346lbs. Now, I'm 240lbs as of this morning. It has to be a lifestyle change. I don't eat the same as I used to, or even think the same. I am starting a third round of it this week because I want to be in the normal weight range for the first time in my life. I am not making any excuses. I was fat because I made bad decisions with my eating habits and overall lifestyle. But this diet worked for me, and I know that it might not be the "safest" way (Since its usually recommended to loose only 2lbs a week or so), but if you truely want to loose it and keep it of, the changes are worth it and you feel better. Other than that, I met the love of my life, and have a huge boost in confidence. PLUS, I'M ALIVE!!!
congrats T.J.E, thus proving that the loss can be maitained for a long period of time.
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