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Default So easy to slip up

I've been doing great this past week, keeping my calories at around 1200 and getting plenty of exercise.

I budgeted for a glass of hard cider and 10 tortilla chips on Saturday night, while watching a DVD with my husband. But my cider ran out before my chips did, and the chips are salty, so I poured myself another glass of cider. Then my husband reminded me that we hadn't been using the delicious, fresh salsa that was in the fridge. So we filled up a big bowl with chips to eat with the salsa. I sat there and grazed, and polished almost all of them off myself.

So there was like 500 calories I hadn't planned on. Not the end of the world, but if you're trying to lose weight by cutting calories, know.

Okay, so this morning I got up and I knew I needed to log in all that extra stuff. I also knew that today, being 3/14, was "Pi Day". My husband and I forget Pi Day every year, and say, "Oh, we should have celebrated with some pie!" Yeah, we're total geeks! But this year we did remember, and had plans to eat pie. I had two slices of pie, both with ice cream. I was planning on just making this a not-very-nutritious day, and not bother eating much else--but my husband, who is British, made some delicious steak and ale pie for dinner, and it smelled so good. So I had a little bit of that. Then some more. Then some more. Then I kept sneaking little bits of beef as I was clearing up the dishes, rationalizing that it's good to balance all that cherry pie with some good protein. Yeah, right.

Finally, being to stuffed too exercise, I log onto FitDay and try to tally up my calories for the past two days. Both days I ended up eating more than I burned.

So tomorrow, I'm back on track. I just feel like getting derailed was something that snuck up on me. Like that character from the Harry Potter books, Mad-Eye Moody, says: "Constant vigilance!!!" That's what you need in order to lose weight. You blink, and next thing you know, you've eaten too much and gained back what you worked so hard to lose.


Sigh. I just wanted to share that, for some reason. Mostly to hold myself accountable. I am proud of myself that I logged it all in, although I had to do some guess work, because I got sloppy with weighing food.
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