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Default Potassium Content of Foods (K:calories ratio)... and the winner is...

So the winner, at least for now, appears to be Swiss Chard. I just made some (organic). Boiled, no salt. It was good. Tasty enough plain, just boiled for 3 minutes. The problem is, it's a little work to be preparing this veggie just for the potassium content. And it's expensive for the amount you get after preparing.

That's why I prefer raw spinach added to my salads. So although chard tops the charts, I think spinach is the real winner here for anyone looking for a low calorie way to increase their potassium.

Other easy ways to increase potassium levels are adding some fresh mushrooms to your iceberg lettuce salad, or placing some in with a tomato (whole grain) sandwich.

Of course V8 is still high on my list.

I eat a lot of frozen broccoli since I find it easier that slicing up the fresh, plus it lasts a long time.

Cantaloupe is an excellent way to get more K, and it's reasonably priced.

Of course raw carrots reign king when it comes to fiber, potassium, and magnesium.

Dried apricots are good for long bike rides or hikes for not only the K, but for the natural carbs.

Frozen peaches added to your banana-whey protein smoothie will add even more potassium.

So, there ya go! Again, if I've omitted something or you have some other ideas/foods just let me know and I'll update this list!


NOTE: Banana is the cutoff. I'm not really interested in listing all the foods BELOW bananas, the ones listed are just for convenient reference. But I will and have listed everything I could find ABOVE bananas.

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