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Two weeks into the diet (As of 10/6.) Weight loss 17.4 pounds. Hubby has lost nearly 20.

My Current weight: 219.8
Total Pounds lost: 17.4
Mini Goal Weight: 200 by 11/15/11

Shakes less than appealing.

Too salty to be really sweet and too sweet to be savory. Tried different flavorings and extracts as suggested by the Doctor. At the end of the day decided to just add ice and water, a touch of splenda and run it through the Vitamix. Better. Not great.

Hunger? Not really which is amazing for eating less than 500 calories a day. Breakdown is 5 shakes - with 100 cal each, 14 gram of protein, 9 grams of carbs and 0 fat. All 5 shakes provide 100% of daily recommended vitamins and minerals. Still, we take a one a day supplement and a potassium supplement on M-W-F.

Food cravings? Yes. You would think with very low carb we would crave carbs but we aren't. Both hubby and I are craving meat -- specifically something grilled (and big.)

Other? Insomina like crazy. Some leg cramping at night.

Energy - Less than enthusiastic. Doctor says energy level should improve beginning week three. We will see. I attribute a lot of the energy issue to the lack of sleep. Also started a Zumba class -- just finished class #4. For a non coordinated klutz I can honestly say I love the Zumba classes and they burn 500+ calories an hour.

Next appointment is October 24. Will include new CBC/CMP to ensure everything is within normal range.

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