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I know that walking is painful, but if you walked for a minute the first day and 2 minutes the second day you could probably work up to a longer workout in a few weeks or even a few months. There is a lady that posts on the motivational thread, when she started out she walked only 5 minutes of her walking DVD, now she's up to almost an hour at the Y. It takes time to build back up again.

There is a neighbor of mine who started walking last year sometime. He used a walker, dragged a tank of oxygen, and was probably one of the largest people I had ever seen. When I first started seeing him, I kept an eye on him because he looked like he might collapse. Now he's walking without the oxygen at all and he's using just a cane, and I would guess that he's down by 100lbs or more. It took several months to get to that point, but slow and steady wins the race.

For core strength (stomach muscles) there are several exercises you can do against the wall. Just think about push-up form, only try it standing up with your hands on the wall. The weight of your own body can provide quite a bit of resistance no matter what size you're at. As you get stronger try putting your feet further and further back from the wall until you can do them on the floor. You might also try crunches and obliques (which are the same as crunches only bring your elbow across the body to the opposite knee).

I would also recommend that you get some weights, just little ones in the beginning, and then as you get stronger up the amount. I have several now, but started off with a pair of 3lbs and a pair of 5lbs. The more muscle you carry, the more efficient your body is at burning calories.
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