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Default Download a non-GMO guide for free

Originally Posted by dar n View Post
I think with the amount of genetically modified soy and corn products in North America that we all should be making ourselves more aware of what companies like monsanto are doing to our food. Soy and corn are healthy grains, If you can go organic! If we all purchase organic local food whenever we can afford it we will continue to be in control of what is in our food and not leave such important decisions to people concerned about their bottom line not our health.

Thanks Darlene.

I've just downloaded a free PDF "Non-GMO" shopping guide:

I have not found organic soy nuts yet, but I'm going to keep looking. I just switched my brand of popcorn, since I eat so much of it now, to "Fireworks" brand which is non-GMO. It can be found for a very reasonable price on Amazon.

I am concerned when I read warnings such as this about GMO:

The biotech industry is fond of bragging about their genetically modified (GM) crops that “resist pests.” This conjures up images of insects staying away from GM fields.

But resisting pests is a euphemism for contains its own pesticide. When bugs take a bite of the GM plant, the toxin from the plant splits open their stomach and kills them.

The idea that we consume that same toxic pesticide in every bite is hardly appetizing. But the biotech companies insist that the pesticide, called Bt-toxin, has a history of safe use.

Organic farmers, for example, have used solutions containing the natural form of Bt-toxin—produced from Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria—as a method of natural insect control.

Genetic engineers simply remove the gene that produces the Bt in bacteria and insert it into the DNA of corn and cotton plants. Moreover, they claim that Bt-toxin is quickly destroyed in our stomach; and even if it survived, it won’t cause reactions in humans or mammals.

Studies show otherwise.";-in-your-gut/

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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