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I've been raising pumpkins my whole life and I can tell you that the main difference between a carving pumpkin and a pie pumpkin is size, you can in fact grow both on the same vine, but there are tons of different varieties out there (and seriously they are generally crossbred to the point where it's not sure what you planted is what will grow). I've eaten both large carving varieties and small pie varieties and they taste identical, so I would guess that there isn't a caloric difference, but then again I've never taken any to a lab and had an analysis run. I think more important than variety would be the soil conditions that they are grown in. There are people that grow "milk" pumpkins and I would suspect that such a pumpkin might be higher in calories than the regular "let God water it" sort.

I applaud your efforts to save money, waste not - want not, and all that. But there might be a way to gain a little bit more than just the scrapings, for years now I've made the kids wait until like 1-2 days before Halloween to carve their pumpkins so the morning after I can chop and bake the Halloween decor for pies, muffins, cakes etc. Luckily where we live it's refrigerator cold at the end of October, so they stay fresh enough outside on the front steps. Oh, and if you think the kids might have issues with it, go over the objective beforehand. My kids LOVE pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bisque, pumpkin pancakes, so they're game to help me chop up their artwork and eat it.

We usually make quite a bit of pumpkin puree on November 1, I bake it first, scrap it off the rind and then run it through the blender with a little bit of water, and then freeze it in baggies or freezer boxes. All of our fave recipes use 2 cups of pumpkin, so I usually measure it out like that for each bag. It takes the afternoon, but you probably won't have to buy any more pumpkin for the year. Oh and Michael is right about the seeds, very tasty. Last year we made ours with a sprinkle of soy sauce and a dash of ginger, much yum.
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