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I don't see myself as a "food Nazi" just yet, but I am so OCD its not out of the possiblity. What I get bothered about is when I have a "friend" that needs to lose more than me (not much but she is aware of it) and she knows I am wanting to lose some weight. Yet when we go out somewhere, she always manages to end up at some fast food place. She and her two teenage daughters of course buy all the junk and what is there for me to get? She even does this at home--putting me in the situation of being tempted for all this yummy food that is loaded w/calories and not at all healthy. Short of just not going anywhere w/her, what can you do? Anyone else feel like that? Maye if I was already a "food Nazi" then I wouldn't be so tempted, but I just am getting started. No real "will power" developed yet.
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