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Well, I love running, walking, hiking, yoga, and the feeling I get after any kind of physical activity. If it doesn't wear me down to the point of huffing and puffing I don't like it because I don't feel it did enough. I love feeling my muscles in pain because although I don't like it very much, its very relaxing to know that its working and the fat will be off soon.....

So...I guess that anything that'll provide a burn and wear me out is more than good for me! lol. I know its kind of a wide range of activities that provides but anything that'll give me a burn and wear me out I LOVE, no joke.

I currently do a run/walk every other day, but I walk every day, no exeptions, no excuses. Also, I do yoga every friday, although I'm thinking about working it in more often, and I'm thinking about working something else in on my walking day as a strength training kind of thing, but I don't belong to a gym or have access to any that causes a problem...
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