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Default Controlling my environment for success

I personally do not like going to places where people are eating copious amounts of foods (buffets, bbqs, etc). For myself, I can go and eat only what I should - but it does ruin my good time to watch the others at my table eating all the things they shouldn't. It is one thing for me to pass them up on the buffet, but to have them all brought back to the table and eaten in front of me by others is just not going to help my diet.

I don't have kids, but I am a bit like that with my mom, who is obese with all the health problems that go with it. I ask that for the few times we eat together, that she make healthy choices. It never works, and I was always finding myself arguing over the choices she made. I don't want to control anyone's food intake but my own, so now we just don't eat together.

I am not a Food Nazi - I Dictate my Food, instead of letting it dictate me. If people don't like it, then I truly find them un-supportive, and I am not afraid to point that out should they push the issue.
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