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Default My Success pics

I started all this about 3.5 yrs ago weighing in at a HUGE 420 pounds. After 2.5 yrs I was down to 253 pounds. I recently spent the fall coming back up casue I was gonna compete again but realized I dont wanna be 300 pounds again so here is a few pics of my journey I hope they can inspire some folks to stay on track. I'm currently around 310 on my way down to 210. I just once wanna hear my wife say "DAMN" when I take my shirt off.

I hope these pics can help inspire some folks, cause trust me it has been a non stop battle for me and it is gonna be a long road to 210.

Me at 420 and then again when I hit 300 pounds for the 1st time

Me on the right at 416 pounds at New England Record Breakers Bench Meet

Yep thats the same shirt

Me and my wife I was 1 week into this diet. 416 pounds in this pic notice the water was always soda before that!

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