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I think Ehret's theory works very well with everybody that try it.

I started in november 2010 with a water fasting of 14 days and 14 nights. Before this my weight was more or less 85 Kg. During water fasting i've lost more or less 8 Kg.

After fasting i did 14 day by eating only juicy fruits and so i lost more than 10 Kg.

in the following months, eating only fruits and raw vegetables, my weight has dropped in this way:

december 2010: 67 Kg.
gen 2011: 62 Kg.
feb : 59 Kg.
march : 57 Kg.
april: 54 Kg.
may: 52 Kg.
june: 50 Kg.

And now my weight turn aroung 50 Kg. I'm 37 and i'm 1,74 meter tall. Several tables should tell that i'm underweight, but i don't feel like these because my bones are thin (featherweight). In addition, I practice a lot of enemas, so i don't have the typical 5-7 Kg. of fecal residue that ordinary people have in their intestines.

It is noteworthy that throughout this period I have enjoyed excellent health, vital energy, and I have never sick.

So i think, after my experience, that Arnold Ehret tells the truth about everything, and if you try, you know.

During this period, I was very careful to respect the food combinations to avoid fermentation and acidification of the body.

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