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Hi to everybody :-)

first of all i post this wiki link, for a general knowledge:
Arnold Ehret - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mucusless diet system it's a kind of life style, where only fruits and raw vegetable with green leaves are considered the real food. With real food i mean the only food that nature prepared for humans, and wich humans can eat without any cooking.

The path to fruitarianism is a process (also long) where human could readapt his body to leave with this kind of natural food. In the middle of this process there is a transition diet, that can include cooked vegetables and other things.

The target is to eliminate starches, flours, grains, legumes, cereals because they are considered foods that create intestinal mucus, which accumulates several layers in the intestines and other parts of the body in the form of faecal concretions harsh. These are the main cause of the only one true human disease and aging: constipation by mucus and toxins. These residues remain there for decades. All other diseases are only symptoms of constipation.

The only food that don't create mucus are juicy fruit, the perfect food for humans.Green leafy vegetables produce little mucus and so the starchy fruits such as banana. Instead, starches, flours, grains, legumes, cereals produce a lot of mucus.

The best way to eliminate mucus is fasting and alternate with a mucusless diet or a transition diet.

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