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Originally Posted by shoodii View Post
i once went on a diet of about 1000 calories a day and after about the 3rd week i started gaining weight (ended up weighing about 7 pounds more then when i started). of corse everyone is different, my body type is probably drastically different then yours and the type of food i was eating (hign in fat low in nutrition) probably contributed to the eventual gain in weight, and the fact i wasnt exercising. theres no general number of days or calories that trigger the change because everyone is so different, and there are probably differences in how much people gain. one person may gain 10 pounds in a month some people 3, some people it wont effect enough to make them gain any. just like theres no set date for getting bald or getting your growth spurt. biology is inconvenient that way

but it is a fact that its real, despite alot of peoples opinions that since they didnt gain weight while starving it must not exist (normally i dont want to be a poo but when it comes to matters of health its important to know facts)

im real lazy and dont feel like researching it more then i have previously but heres a link that cites a bunch of studies n stuff.

Starvation Mode
Excellent article, thank for sharing it. And I agree with it. I should be more careful about how I phrase my responses to "starvation mode". I am well aware that the body will try to conserve calories when it is deprived of food. But, it will not cause you to gain weight! No where in the article is there any mention that I could see about potential weight gain or not losing at all.

I've posed this question before--can anyone tell me how, in our Einsteinian world of physics, can the body gain weight when it is taking in less calories than it expends? It simply can't happen! If calories in is less than calories out, you WILL lose weight.

Now, that being said, I agree that finding a balance in calories that will keep your metabolism happy while maintaining a reasonable daily calorie deficit is the best way to go about weight loss.

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