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Originally Posted by Cbryant63 View Post
i guess im wondering if there is a way to keep rack of body fat % on this site
Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Premium members can.
Originally Posted by oblomov View Post
So to clarify, Premium membership has a way to track BMI info? I am in somewhat similar situation (only wish I had a 6-pack :P), but my body fat % is quite lower then BMI would indicate.
Just to clarify, I'm totally confused now. You asked about tracking BF%, I said that premiums members can, then to verify what I said you then referred to it as premium members tracking BMI.

BMI and Body Fat % are two totally different measurements. Both of those can easily be "tracked" with an excel spread sheet, a word document or even a pen and note pad.

Regular members may or may not be able to track BF%, I don't remember but I know as a premium member you can track BF%. See below.
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